Submission Guidelines

The ESCON TKC 2021 call for submissions is open until March 31th, 2021. If you wish to submit a paper to present at the meeting, please follow these guidelines:

  • Papers should report empirical or theoretical contributions in social cognition.
  • Access the submission form.
  • In the submission form you will be asked to provide information regarding the authors, their affiliation, an informative outline of the research question, its theoretical background, the method used to investigate the question, as well as the results, in an abstract of about 400 words.
  • Graduate students who are eligible and wish to apply for the Best Paper Award will be asked to write an extended 800 words abstract (look below for more info on the award).
  • Your submission will be complete when you see a message telling you that your responses have been saved.

Please, note that the program committee must be able to recognize the contribution of your talk from the abstract you include in your submission.

You might be wondering why the form requires so much information on the confirmatory/exploratory nature of your studies and whether they have been pre-registered. This is because we want to emphasize open research using good research practices, and making contributors and reviewers aware of these aspects of research helps set precedent for good research.

Decisions will be sent out by the end of April.

We have created two forms/surveys for the conference: one for submission of talk proposals and one for registration for the event. All people who wish to submit a talk must complete the first, all people who wish to attend the conference must complete the second (whether or not you are giving a talk). If your attendance at the event depends on whether your talk proposal is accepted, please wait to complete the registration form until you have received notification regarding whether your proposal has been accepted. If you wish to attend the TKC 2021 regardless of whether your talk is accepted or not, you are encouraged to complete the registration form as soon as we publish it online.

Best Paper Award

ESCON wants to acknowledge students’ dedication to research and the quality of their work. Therefore, graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Best Paper Award. The Best Paper Awardee will be invited to present the paper in a plenary session at the TKC in Salzburg, September 13-16th, 2021.

To be eligible for the award, you must:

  • be a graduate student currently or have been awarded your doctoral degree in 2020 or 2021;
  • be the first author of the submitted paper;
  • submit an extended abstract (about 800 words) of the paper, which should include a short introduction, description of the methods and results (including stats), and a brief discussion.

The selection process will unfold in three stages. First, the scientific committee of the TKC will select participants for the meeting. Second, the Best Paper Award committee will evaluate the extended abstracts of those accepted participants who applied to the award. Third, a restricted set of applicants (the top 3 to 5 submissions) will be given 6 weeks to submit the full paper and one of those will be selected for the Best Paper Award. The paper doesn’t have to be published or submitted for publication to be considered.

Submission Form

Please indicate up to five (5) keywords for your submission, separated by semicolon
In which category do you fit?
If you want to participate in the best paper award, you are required to submit an extended abstract with up to 800 words.